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Foam & Rebonded Mattress

Rebonded Mattress

Your mattress is an important part of your life. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their mattresses until they’re having problems with them. At that point, it might be too late.

The best-rebonded mattress provides you:

Relieves Pain in the Body

Minimizes Roll-Overs

Offers Additional Support

Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Foam Mattress

Foam provides a great middle-ground by offering a supportive and pressure-relieving fit, while also feeling soft and comfortable. Side sleepers, in particular, tend to prefer foam beds, as they often do a better job of conforming to the shape of the body.


Foam & Rebonded Sheet

Sohar Poly Industries LLC is delivering raw materials including foam & rebonded sheets to the foam products manufacturers and the wholesale customers so they can produce long-lasting and quality products by using our top quality foam & rebonded sheets.